About Kate

When I have a great idea, a great product, a great 12837162_10153964672439556_266390392_oservice…I LOVE putting it out into the world. And I love taking people on a journey to saying ‘Yes, I want that.’

See when you have something of great value, something that can transform someone’s life or business…or maybe even just someone’s moment and you offer it up with the highest integrity, respect and in many cases, even a sense of play, it is an incredibly honoring thing to do. It’s also fun. And rewarding. It even gets people ‘thanking you’ for introducing it to them. And yes, it makes your bank account much fatter.

One of my first ‘major’ sales was to MTV. I created a gift item that I went on to patent and I thought they would be an ideal customer for it. People around me said, ‘Oh, they’ll never even take a meeting with you. If you do get a meeting, they’ll never order anything. If they order anything, it’ll be a bitch to get paid.

How did this all end up working out for me? I got the meeting with them after just one cold phone call. They placed an order two days after my first meeting. And, a check arrived two weeks after their order left my door.
After this victory, I then went on to sell all kinds of products and services to organizations like The British Consulate, The National Army Guard, Nordstrom, AIG, High End Boutiques across the globe, Prestigious Art Museums and more. I secured a nice sized Angel Investment for one of my businesses and I’ve sold products and services that didn’t yet exist.

When people ask me how I even got into some of these enormous companies, I always say, ‘It’s really pretty easy. See, I never look at it as ‘having to get into an enormous company.’ I look at it as simply having to connect with one person within that company. Just one. And then that one person can open the doors to a whole world of possibilities.’

What else?

I always make it about them.
I am eternally curious.
I never sell anything I am not in alignment with.
I engage at the highest level with others.
I never forget that we are all emotional beings at some level and that emotions play a HUGE role in what and how people buy.

Finally, when Moxie is required, Moxie is put forth.

This is ‘Human To Human Selling’