Do You Love to Sell?

12837476_10153974225674556_1621090029_oIf you are in business and you don’t love to sell, your revenues will reflect it.Whether you are on the front line selling to potential customers or behind the scenes selling to potential investors, any negativity, any fears, any selling blocks you have at all can slow the growth of your business as if you were driving with the breaks on.  You may not realize it, but others pick up on this energy and it will have a great impact on whether or not they say ‘yes, I want that.’

A few questions you may want to ask yourself:

First, are you in total alignment with what you are selling? If you aren’t, it will be very difficult to go through the selling process with passion and believability.  Figure out what it is that are you out of alignment with and determine if it something you can fix.

Next, do you ever think any of the following:

‘I don’t want them to think I am pushy.’

‘I feel like a used car salesman’

‘I already know they are going to say ‘no.’

Always remember this: People love to buy. They hate to be sold.

When you take the time to learn about those you are selling to and you show respect for who they are, they will never feel pushed.

If you feel like ‘A Used Car Salesman,’ why? Are you being slimy? Sleazy? Underhanded in any way? If you can answer ‘no,’ without any hesitation, no one is looking at you like this. Guaranteed.

And, if you already know they are going to say ‘no,’ imagine them saying ‘yes’  again and again and again before even asking for the business. If you’ve gone through an effective,  respectful selling process, you might get a ‘no’ and you might get a ‘yes.’ Practice imagining a ‘yes.’ This extra bit of confidence might just be the thing that puts them over ‘the yes zone.’