Client Raves

Lorraine Fussey
Former Head of Corporate Services, UK Mission to the UN and British Consulate General New York

“Kate was hired by The British Consulate General to run a Business Relationship Building workshop. As a British diplomat with over 20 years of experience at home and overseas I wasn’t sure that I had much left to learn. Kate opened my eyes to some obvious, and not so obvious techniques. I highly recommend Kate for her expertise.”

Sally Anderson
Founder/Director Evolved Leadership Pty Limited

“Kate truly is the quintessential powerhouse Business Relationship Building Extraordinaire. I personally experienced her professionalism when I launched my businesses in America. Kate not only has been supportive of myself with launching my international career, she has been beyond supportive of other Australasian entrepreneurs launching themselves in New York and all have reported generating high revenue from her work.  If you are an entrepreneur in America you need to seek out Kate Gaffin. She truly is in a league of her own and I so respect her contribution to the entrepreneurial industry as a whole.”

M Shannon Hernandez
Founder Of The Writing Whisperer

“I fell in love with Kate Gaffin in December 2014. She changed my life! After a year or so of “missed connections” in business, I sat down with Kate, and we talked about what really mattered to me in business: the human approach, building quality relationships, etc. She assured me that yes, even though this does take time, it is the way that successful businesses are built. Kate knows how to connect with people—both in person and online. And those connections lead to sales. I’m honored to have Kate a resource for my business.”

Steven Christmann
Principal Christmann Properties

“Kate immediately connects with you, with her very trusting and inviting presence. Through Kate’s grace I was immediately able to connect with some the of finest real estate and private equity contacts that are now ever present in my rolodex.”

Michaela Morton
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Bohemia Real Estate Group

“Kate’s energy is infectious, and her suggestions are creative, savvy, and heart-warmingly human — the intuitions you wish you had (or maybe needed a reminder that you do!). I’ll be recommending her highly to friends in business, the arts, and life!”

Debra Huelsebusch
Founder Illuminate Awareness

“I felt like something really clicked during Kate’s training to help me take my business to the next level. I really appreciate all of the ways she gave everyone helpful strategies and the topics she covered.  It was really a phenomenal class that I will remember and use what I have learned.  Thank you so much.”

Quentin V. Mezetin
The Mind Investor

“Whatever you tell me is GOLD!!!

Just the mindset of understanding sales and marketing has massively boosted my influence and confidence.”